Agrilat - Qualità garantita dal Consorzio della mozzarella di bufala Dop
Tenuta Agrilat è la storia di una famiglia italiana che con amore e dedizione ha coltivato il sogno di aprire un caseificio. Oggi Tenuta Agrilat vuole dire mozzarella, bocconcini, trecce, formaggi, burro e ricotta rigorosamente di latte di bufala campana: una qualità certificata DOP.
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Agrilat is the story of a dream.

The dream of Giuseppe and Giovanni, two cousins who since childhood wanted to open a cheese factory in their land: the Piana del Sele. And they made it. Since 1997, every day, their cheese factory produces all the good things that can be done with the PDO buffalo milk and with the craftsmanship of those who love all the old good flavors.

Handmade goodness

we have a direct relationship with our stable, with the farmers and with the dairy masters who, every day, work buffalo milk in the respect for tradition and the simplicity of the good things made by hand. the quality of the raw material, the manufacturing process and the continuous controls certify our products as excellence of the territory. mozzarella, bocconcini, treccia, cheeses, ricotta. We check all the products one by one, at each stage of processing and also before packaging.