a base di latte di Bufala



A unique and sublime flavor that pushes the palate into an ecstasy of greedy pleasure.
Taste the Colomba Mandorlata Tenuta Agrilat!

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Filled with candied orange peels and almond glaze.

Ingredients: type 0 wheat flour, fresh buffalo butter (17.50%), fresh buffalo milk, egg yolks fresh pasteurized eggs (14.50%), water, sugar, natural yeast (gluten), Italian acacia honey, sea salt, and powdered vanilla beans from the Madacascar Islands. Filling: candied orange peels (27.15%) (orange peels, white sugar, glucose syrup). Icing: sugar, egg white, Italian almonds (2.00%), chopped hazelnuts, type 00 soft wheat flour, sunflower oil, corn flour, corn starch and sugar grains.

Allergens: it may contain traces of peanuts, nuts, lupins, soy and sesame. Contains gluten, milk, almonds, hazelnuts, barley and eggs.

Shelf life: 4 months from the production date.

Store at room temperature

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