Our Selections

Tenuta Agrilat offers a selection of products made in the South, chosen to accompany our dairy products and to give you new taste experiences through the unique and special flavor of Campania.


del Cilento

Simple and fragrant. Tenuta Agrilat pasta is made with durum wheat semolina produced exclusively with the grains of the area of typical Salerno origin.


La Pasta

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The dry condiments

All the aroma of the Mediterranean

Chilli, oregano, fennel … the aroma of the Mediterranean scrub is concentrated in a jar to give even more flavor to your dishes.

Spaghettata Cilentana | Tenuta Agrilat


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Vegetables preserves

Our Selections


A variety of vegetable and sausage-based pickles make up our selections. A choice rich in taste to be savored at any time of the year the unique taste that only Italy gives us.

Pomodori verdi_Tenuta_Agrilat Vasetti JPEG - 1200X1200 px 8


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Honey and Jams

of Italian fruit

On their own, spread on a slice of bread or accompanied by Tenuta Agrilat ricotta di Bufala, they will energize your daily breaks with an intense and genuine flavor. Also ideal for desserts and pastries.

marmellata pesche darbo

Marmellate e Miele

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Vini IGP

from selected grapes

The nectar that completes your taste experience. A white, a red and a rosé to accompany every course or for an informal aperitif with friends. To share a taste for good things.

vino-selezioni-tenuta agrilat

Vini IGP

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