The Earth and the Dream

since 1986

The origins

The Caseificio Tenuta Agrilat was born in 1986 from the dream of rediscovering the genuineness of a community and a land with a long dairy tradition: the Piana del Sele. The dream has come true and that family-run business born a few kilometers from Paestum, in the heart of Campania, is today synonymous with made in Italy goodness all over the world.

Short supply chain, high quality

We have a direct relationship with the breeders and with our master cheesemakers who, every day, process the milk of Bufala Campana DOP respecting the tradition and the simplicity of good handmade things. The quality of the raw material, the manufacturing process and the continuous checks certify our products as excellence of the territory. Mozzarella, bocconcini, braid, cheeses and ricotta. We check all the products one by one, at each stage of processing and before their packaging.

Hand made goodness

Time passes, techniques are refined, production increases. But “how we do it” never changes. We consider our Masters Casari as authentic artisans of quality; we package our products one by one and each step is mediated by techniques and gestures that cannot and will never be replaced because they are, themselves, ingredients of our products. Goodness is also this.

Quality and Tradition:#TenutaAgrilat

Quality and Tradition are the values that identify our know-how, the must have that knows no fashion or trend, the basis of our search for taste. The production follows precise rules that the master cheesemakers of the Piana del Sele have handed down over the centuries … As it once was, only bigger. To give you every day the unique taste of Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania and the fresh, seasoned and smoked cheeses that #TenutaAgrilat gives to your tables.

Products of excellence

The buffalo milk dairy products are a delight for the palate: the fresh taste, the “scrocchiarella” spun dough, the delicate serosity of buffalo milk and the soft and round flavor of the heart of our products are our signature, what distinguishes us as a product of excellence. A certified ability: in 2020 Tenuta Agrilat was awarded the recognition by the Italian Excellence brand.