Agrilat | Primo piatto a base di pasta con pomodoro, basilico e provola affumicata
Pasta, pomodoro, basilico e il tocco sublime della Provola Affumicata Tenuta Agrilat: e il primo è servito!
pasta, basilico, pomodoro, cucina mediterranea, provola, ricetta
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Bucatini with barbabietola with crispy pillow and buffalo cream


Recipe by Chef @Luca Pieroni


Ingredients for 4 people


4 Tenuta Agrilat Bufala mozzarella 125 gr
500 gr of Bucatini 600.27 Carla Latini
2 pureed beets
2 slices of pillow
1 tuft of wild fennel



Cut the bacon into cubes and brown it well in a non-stick pan, then remove the pillow and set it aside.
Separately, blend the mozzarellas to create a creamy mixture.
Drain the pasta al dente still, add them in the pan and finish cooking making them sauté with the beetroot cream.
To serve, add the buffalo cream to the base, lay the bucatini and garnish with the bacon cubes and a sprig of wild fennel.

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